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The next step in the evolution of the datacenter will involve the use of software-defined technologies such as virtualization, automation, and orchestration of IT environments. These technologies, which are collectively referred to as ‘cloud’ in the larger computing context, already exist as elements of the modern datacenter. A key distinction, however, lies in how these technologies are implemented – they could be implemented within the datacenter and placed under the direct control of the enterprise (the private cloud) or utilized as extensions of the datacenter, physically located outside the enterprise and beyond its direct control (the private cloud).

Irrespective of the architecture used, cloud security starts before the cloud and must be viewed as part of a holistic enterprise security approach. Security must thus adapt to both private and public architectures and be agile and dynamic with respect to the numerous of hybrid configurations available. Moreover, the automation and orchestration of cloud security features is essential, just as in the cloud architectures mentioned above, and must be integrated seamlessly with network functions such as software-defined networking.

This event will examine prevailing assumptions and perceptions around cloud security, and examine how these can either hinder or boost the use of the cloud. A special emphasis will be placed on how public cloud security differs from private cloud security, with a focus on the contractual commitments that enterprises must insist of their providers. We will also take a look at the visibility of security control issues that arise when using different cloud architectures.

Cloud is now a pillar technology in the universal migration toward digital transformation. Ultimately, digital transformation is a business-led initiative and will continue to occur whether security professionals are engaged in the process or not. Against this backdrop, this timely event will show that the best security strategy for individuals and organizations alike is to be directly engaged with cloud and digital transformation initiatives every step of the way.


  • What are the prevailing assumptions & perceptions around cloud security?
  • How does public cloud security differ from private cloud security?
  • Why  are the contractual commitments of cloud security providers so important?
  • How do security control issues differ when using different cloud architectures?
  • Securing Your Multi-Dimensional Cloud


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